4) On the final screen, enter your insurance referral information. Be sure to include:

-- Facility / Specialist's name

-- Specialist's NPI number 

-- Specialist's office phone and fax numbers

-- Date and specifics (reason) of your appointment

2) Once you are logged in, you can click either:

    a) The "Referrals" link under the Medical Records tab on the left-hand column

     b) or click "Request New Referral" on the bottom (center) of the screen. 

Requesting an insurance referral through Patient Portal is easy and secure!

  Once your request has been submitted, you will receive a "portal" response   from the Out-Patient Services Department within a few business days!

3) On the next screen, click the "Request referral" button show here: 

1) From the Patient Portal website, log in with your username and password.

​(Link is located at the top of this page)

Insurance Referral Requests